Leserbrief: 'the st.georg neighbourhood'? und meine Antwort darauf

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Mittwoch erreichte mich der folgende englische Leserbrief von ‘Andrew’ über das Kontaktformular (Hier die Google Übersetzung des Artikels):

hello – as you seem to know much about the st.georg neighbourhood I wonder if you may give me your honest opinion of living here.

I have seen an apartment on the Koppel and truly wonder if st.georg is a good place to live with my wife and 15month old baby – I hear many opinions about this area – some say it is becoming quite the chic place to live now – attracting actors, artists and the gay community – which can only improve quality and creativity of the area with a certain cache, many top hotels at the bottom of the Koppel are being refurbished and atrracting "money" to the area – but as I say I hear some people say its still dangerous for its drug, hustlers, pimps, and prostitution, drug-lord gang fighting – but then I see Koppel and it is quiet, and hardly any traffic – and there is a nice church with a kindergarten – well I would appreciate your feelings and thoughts on living in st.georg?

thank you

Meine Antwort darauf:

Hi Andrew,

it’s all true except that I know nothing about gang fights. I am living in Hamburg St. Georg on Lange Reihe since 1985 and the whole area has changed a lot but Sankt Georg is ALSO still a main station neighborhood and partly a small red light district with all it’s ‘attractions’ but pretty harmless compared to the Reeperbahn area. Sankt Georg is definitely not typical Hamburg. That might be the main reason why people have so polarized opinions about Sankt Georg.

Sankt Georg is an urban village with a very colorful community in a very condensed area. The communities normally don’t mix; instead they lead parallel lives and to integrate into the different cultures means to meet a challenge. If that’s what you like then Sankt Georg is a wonderful place to be!

To raise a kid here is easy; a good choice of local Kindergarten and some schools. Pretty comfortable for parents because you don’t need a car! Well, that said life at all is easier if you don’t have a car in Hamburg :-)

Best regards

Markus Merz

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